The Twist


The song "The Twist" was introduced in 1959 as a B-Side by Hank Ballard & The Midnighters. It failed to chart, and received scant notice until Ernest Evans, better known as Chubby Checker, rerecorded the song in 1960. Checker's version was arguably inferior, but featured a driving brass section and came with instructions for how to perform the dance, giving birth to the defining fad dance of the Sixties.

The dance itself has been kicking around for a while and was reportedly popular among African-American teenagers, but with Checker's hit song the twist spread throughout the country. Checker toured the country, singing and demonstrating the dance and losing 30 pounds in the process. Other artists quickly moved to capitalize on the trend, hastily releasing their own twist 45s; as an example, Booby Darin released an excellent series of up-tempo rock and roll numbers that were all marketed as twist singles.

Bill Haley, now mostly famous for "Rock Around the Clock," released a single called "The Spanish Twist," and then wisely rerecorded the song in Spanish. It was a smash record across the border, introducing the twist to Mexico, where the dance also became a nationwide crazy. Haley later released an entire LP of Spanish twist songs.

A number of clubs devoted themselves to the twist, most notably New York's Peppermint Lounge, where movie stars and international jetsetters danced alongside local teenagers. At least two different songs were inspired by the club, both titled "The Peppermint Twist." In the meanwhile, the Catholic diocese in Buffalo, NY, banned the dance.


the twist -- step one

Step forward as though stepping on a lit cigarette butt; twist your extended leg as though you were crushing out the cigarette.


The twist -- step two

Hold your hands to tour sides and move them as though you were drying your lower back with a towel. Make this motion in time with the cigarette-crushing motion of your foot.


the twist -- step 3

Lean forward and backward as you twist. Repeat.


1. "La Paloma Twist," Chubby Checker
2. "Tequila Twist," The Champs
3. "Spanish Twist," Bill Haley
4. "Peter Gunn Twist," The Jesters
5. "You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby," Bobby Darin


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